Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Apple Tree Chain

My Grandpa would pull engines from cars
with a chain in the apple tree. 
Grandpa, age 18, is behind the wheel of his 27 Model T road buggy 
next to his mother and brother with his brother's new 1941 Ford.
 When he entered the Navy for WWII, 
he left the chain in the tree.

Grandpa and Me (early 90s)
He took us and shared the story of pulling engines.

Cousin Terry, Dad, Brother
We came again and shared the same story
of industry and sacrifice.
The tree is still there with the chain.
My brother has pulled engines using chains.
Usually the chain is attached to a heavy machinery.
The principle is to use your resources is applicable today.

So how will Underfoot take from this experience?

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