Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Wedding

In February we traveled North to my brother's wedding. 
We raced a blizzard both ways.
A road fell on our way there.
We wanted to support them on their day!

They are a driven couple that are doing amazing things!
They met kind of on a dare....

He is going to school in business.
She is going to school to be a teacher.

I liked how he is super helpful
to carry her dress so it doesn't get wet.

Mrs. Sweetness and Mr. Awesome arrive at a family luncheon.
Family shared advise and congratulations!

Kransekake is a Danish celebration cake. 
It is made out of marzipan.
Our newest Sweet Auntie is Danish in her ancestry.
Her Grandmother came from Denmark.

This is the cake topper made out of white chocolate.

Here are 2 small snap shots of how much they are.
Riding a moped.
When they travel, they look for temples.

1 comment:

Cyndy said...

Oh, the wedding cake, made me instantly smile. Very common when I was growing up, not so common where I live now!

May each of their years be filled with wonderful blessings.