Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wedding Party

So they came from East of the Mississippi.
My sister and her husband are attending medical school.
He studies all day and night.
She keeps him fed, loved, and 
is the wonderful mother of their baby.
Just as this picture was taken,
a sheet of ice came crashing down from the spires
of the SLC temple.
The ice landed right behind my parents.
This is a wonderful picture of my Mom.
My Dad is glad he is unharmed.

My Dad and his siblings support each other.
My Dad is the oldest.
Uncle Richard is happy and loves to learn and travel.
Aunt Karol can be found in any place by her contagious laugh.
I love her laugh.

My sister has just a way to smile to make you know that
you are wonderful!
She is encouraging and a beautiful woman!

My boys are freezing.
They came from snow to freezing temperatures.
We had snow just before we left.
Snow is not common for our neck of the woods.

Miss Sunshine has pentrating eyes.
She has started to talk non-stop.
On her recent visit to see Kirky and Jilli,
Kirky became her hero for getting her a binky.

Everyone was teasing them that 
How lucky they would be to have such
beautiful, talented children!

My brother and his family came to cheer!
My brother was the best man!
And he is the best man for his wife,
daughters, and Mr D.
My sister-in-law is gorgeous
and isn't afraid to wear 6 inch heels!

The groom is named for the Aaronic priesthood.
He and my Dad snuck away to take a picture
by the statue to commemorate the restoration of the
Aaronic Priesthood.

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Sue said...

What great pics of the family!


PS. My son is in medical school, too. He just started his third year. It's a beast.