Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joy School Hike

It had snowed.
For the 2nd time this year here. 
So for anyone that doesn't live here,
that is a really BIG deal.
Especially when we only get snow once a season.

We went on our hike for Joy School! It was quite successful. 
The schedule said to take them on a field trip to "discover."

I thought the wash was as good as place as any.

We heard the bell from school, barking dogs, and saw dog and/or coyote tracks. 

We saw roots, tracks, 
cactus fruit that had been eaten and frozen, 
and jumping cholla/teddy bear cactus.
We noticed a lot more things. 

We saw snow and ice and talked about the difference between them.

They did great!

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Sue said...

Joy school is great fun for kids. Glad yours are getting to take advantage of it!