Sunday, February 24, 2013


Welcome Winter......
Do you see the green grass? The grass is wonderful!
Snow in our neck of our woods is not common. 
We have had it 3 times in 2 weeks.

The weekend Boston had their blizzard, we had snow of our own.
The night before we attempted to go camping.
We were glad we packed up and came home from camping.

The boys bundled up.

They learned how to roll a snowball into a snowman.
The snowman was decorated with rocks, sticks, a hat, 
and a cheese stick nose.

He was happy after we bundled him all up.
I think he asked if he could go potty. 

He went out immediately when he first saw the snow.
He came in and dressed warmer after I asked him to do it.

 The slide in this picture is not cleaned off.
Underfoot cleaned off the slide.

We love that the snow covered our race track.


Jilli said...

I am so happy you documented this event! I am also happy you made time to teach your boys the art of snowman making!

Cyndy said...

Snow! I really wished that the kids had felt a bit better, especially for our first snow storm. I am really happy that you came home before everyone got soaked and cold!