Sunday, February 24, 2013

Camping 1st Attempt

One of our goals is to go camping
We made our first attempt early in February.
The weather report said it would be cold.
We prepared to be cold.

Once we got to the camp site, 
we set up the tent, started a fire, and ate supper.
Then the wind started to blow.
At one point the wind blew the staked down tent flat to the ground.

Hurricane also soaked himself the water and couldn't get warm.
We packed up and came home after camping three hours. 

The next night we set the tent up in the front room.
The boys loved sleeping in the tent.


Kris said...

Sometimes camping in the living room is the perfect solution! :)

Lindsay Bryner said...

Sounds like one of our winter camping experiences. We've now decided to only camp in fall/spring/summer... ideally during perfect weather conditions :)