Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome Back to School!

Benny the Bengal greeted us this summer. In honor of the beginning of school, we want to thank Benny for being SO AWESOME!

From the crowd on the street, he found us and pointed to recognized us! He was riding on top of a car doing hand stands, cart wheels, and jumps. Apparently just before got to our spot on the parade route, he fell off the top of the car and nearly got run over.
He catapulted himself off the top and ran back to our shouting crew. He gave all the children high fives. Underfoot smiled from ear to ear.
Benny kindly posed for a family picture. The hat he is wearing is the photographer's (a.k.a. mine).
Thanks Benny for your time this summer! Good luck with the new school year and all the sports you'll be supporting - football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and any other appearances you'll make!

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Sue said...

Benny looks like a good sport!