Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Piano Playin'

Growing up I would hear the piano playing of my Dad. He loves to play the piano especially songs that move and are meaningful. He is playing with my niece. She is singing.
Look how fast his hands are going!
I love to listen to my Dad play because his hope and love of life comes through his fingers. He is also a great singer. When I moved away, I met someone from my childhood. She told me the first memory she had of our family was my Dad singing. He taught us to sing with gusto for life. He also likes to sing in Spanish.

We have started music lessons with Hurricane. He is learning his first lessons at the piano.
He already loves to sing and sings most of the day. Hopefully I can help Underfoot understand the great power music can be for him in his life. Just as it has been for Grandpa K.


Jen said...

What a great memory. I love to play piano, I usually play music from Bela Bartok, my favorite composer during dinner time. I don't know if the kids like it or not but the best part of the day is when the kids will climb onto the piano bench with me to play and sing silly songs that we make up.

Sue said...

We have loved music in our family, too. It adds so much to life!