Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liquid Gold

When we moved to the desert, we wondered what would grow here. It wasn't like we were going to plant a traditional garden in the spring, water, weed, and harvest in the fall. The seasons here seem to be a perpetual summer with an occasional drop in temperature that will bring the blessed white snow. (I really miss the change of seasons.) There are season changes here when watching the cacti flower at different time of the year.
What did we find?  
This is our second season to harvest grapes. We have 7 different vines - 5 of which produced this year. We have one of each color grape (green, red, black) thanks to Sweetheart's sister as a Christmas present a few years ago. All the vines are a sweet table grape. There are many different types of grapes. One vine we will give away at the beginning of next year to make room for area specific blackberry plants.
We decided to juice and can our liquid gold for future celebrations or to sneak at night with a little Bubble Up.
We made 2 gallons. One quart broke during the bottling process. So sad that it broke. Aren't the colors just beautiful?


Jen said...

love it!

Kris said...

WOW!! Those are gorgeous! I'm so excited for you! I was supposed to get buckets of grapes from my grandma, but those stinkin' birds ate all of her grapes while she was on vacation in NY. Maybe next year!

Lindsay Bryner said...

Lucky! Those look amazing. Way to go on the crop! Clark will be excited to see this too.

Rachel said...

Wendy you are amazing. The amount of work would keep me from planting, watering and bottling. But you do it with pride and grace.

Sue said...

The colors really are pretty. And it's so cool that you do that!