Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This is a milkshake and not a hunk of ice in the ocean. One night for our family trip we went to Ice Burg. They specialize in yummy shakes.
My Uncle D (before he swore off cold cereal - Captain Crunch, sugar, and anything unhealthy) made it a tradition to come and get a grasshopper shake when he visited my Grandpa. I always seemed to get the leftovers instead a fresh one when I was little.
Sunshine Rae ate this treat with vigor! See the spoon is ready!
But now I'm big, and my Dad bought me one to share with my family!
Isn't my Dad darling?
The Girls - Me, Mom, Mama J., SisterSuzy
My Sweet niece, Liv, ate tiny bites. So small you wouldn't know anything was going in her mouth.
We had a blast talking and eating. Especially watching the cousins play even if it were by a busy intersection. I didn't realize how busy until I looked at the pictures afterward. :-/


Jen said...

I love Ice Burg shakes and the joy of trying to eat it fast enough that it doesn't melt over the top of the cup and slow enough to avoid an ice cream headache.

Sue said...

That ice cream looks delish!

And yes, your dad IS darling.