Friday, July 27, 2012


My Underfoot went to a birthday for Superheroes. Underfoot was concerned his brother wouldn't have a cape and mask, he asked the hostess for any left over. Underfoot brought a set home for his brother!
I am very impressed by my sons' unconditional regard for each other. They really want to watch out to ensure that the other has something equal. They play beautifully together.

I thought this was darling. They really love to be together.

Last night Underfoot was very upset that Hurricane lost his shoes because Hurricane wouldn't be obedient by putting the shoes away. Underfoot was exhausted from being at school and choosing not to go to sleep at night. Underfoot said that if Hurricane didn't get his new shoes back before he went to school, he would move to the neighbor's house. We said he would need to move and be with his Grandparents because the neighbors weren't home. Underfoot then said, "I can't walk that far." After a good supper and a bath, Underfoot calmed down and was thrilled to discover where his brother's shoes were to "save the day."
My wonderful strong boys! They keep us hopping!


Kris said...

It's wonderful how much they love each other. Hopefully it stays that way for a VERY long time!!

Cyndy said...

Hugs and smiles! And "lost boys" are always welcomed ;)

Sue said...

What a great brother!