Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Minute to Win It

Yesterday I shared Chubby Bunny. Chubby Bunny was one of eight parts to a game called Minute to Win It. Auntie M. organized 8 different games to play within a one minute time frame.

One of the games to was wrap a mummy with out breaking the "gauze" a.k.a. toilet paper. This Mama-Daughter team won.
This Daddy -Daughter team giggled while being wrapped.
Miss A appears to be very comfortable in her new "threads."
Another game was to see how many beans you could suck up and move to a new bowl. I don't think the beans were recycled.
When the beans were spit out they went all over the floor if too much force was used. Other team members would pick up the beans and add them to the plate.
In the end Auntie M. said that in our lives each day we make choices that take less than a minute that can change how we treat someone, react to news, or what we choose to do with our time. If we combine the minutes to study the words in scriptures, serve someone who needs a lift, or slink into our own desires, we make big choices for the rest of our lives. Auntie M.'s thought is profound that a simple minute can make such a BIG difference.

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Kris said...

What a fun way to liken Minute to Win it to our lives!