Monday, July 30, 2012

Simple and Sweet: Sparklers

Sparklers bring magic. After family home evening at the family reunion, Auntie M had sparklers for everyone to run around in the backyard.
Most of the time a smile will cross the face of the person who has the sparkler.
This is the first time that Hurricane took a sparkler without hesitation.
The funny moment was when one of the sparklers got tossed into the shrubs and immediately caught them on fire. They got stamped out quickly but made us realize how careful we need to be with the magic of fire. (See the guy in the red and white shorts in the back ground putting out the fire.)

Miss Moo (nick-name) has the most beautiful smile. She was so kind and loving to our children. We were glad they could get to know each other better.
These two are brothers. Mr. J the older is helping Sparky light his sparkler. This older brother really watches out for his little brother.

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Sue said...

Sparklers are fun but can definitely be treacherous. Glad all was well in the end!