Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Any Dream Will Do

We did something fun and watched "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." My boys sat there watching instead of eating their lunch. They listened to the music and watched the colors.

The show is a lot of fun with the musical genres presented. Joseph's dreams sent him on an adventure of a lifetime. He went and did things that only a few can dream about doing.
Day 7 of Advent
 The best part of Joseph is he kept his base of knowing who he was and knowing that there was a plan for him. He kept himself chaste and ended up in jail. He always did his best and was trusted in Potiphar's home, the prison, and eventually by Pharaoh. (Genesis 37; 39-46)

As I look as Joseph, he was prepared to be the "dreamer" to save his family from eventual famine. In my own life, I wonder what God is preparing me to do to save us from "famine" in my daily activities. I have not been hated by my family, sold as a slave, gone to jail, or met and organized a mass national effort. I do have the choice to teach my children will say "we do not doubt our mother knew" God's plan for our family and that regardless of what happens God will guide us.

How do you see God's plan in your daily journey?


Sue said...

Funny that you should ask that question, because that's what my post is about today!

I am never seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. I should check it out.


Kris said...

I always consider it a huge blessing when my kids make it into bed alive & happy every night. Because sometimes getting them there that way is a stretch! Does that make me a bad mother? :)

But seriously, this is my part of His plan right now & I'm glad to play my role.