Sunday, August 7, 2011

Simple and Sweet: Grandparent Videos

My parents and youngest brother are attending the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden. They gone to serve a mission working in a booth for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While they have been there, they have sent messages home to their grandchildren, children and fathers.

My boys love to watch the video clip over and over again. The first clip they sent was about 14 seconds long. I think they watched it about 6 times a minute. They would smile each time their name was said, and Hurricane would say, "Again."

My Parents ~

Moses from Uganda ~

They have reported to us a little about their experiences and the people they have met through email. My Dad shared this:
We are having about 800-900 people visit a day in the exhibit. The tent is now getting very hot because of the sun shine. .... Each day we have several who take us down because of our stand on homosexuality or sexual purity. They simply cannot understand the concept.

We also have many sweet experiences. We have many more of those than we do those recounted above. I had a man from Mexico City that lives by the temple there. He was a lawyer who has 17 lawyer who work for him. He asked me to tell him about the Church because he drives by the temple each day. Most who ask questions have had friends who have taught them or have been good examples.
 I am grateful they want to include us in their experiences. I look forward to when they come home for more detailed experiences.

~ ~ ~ Blog Series: Pioneering Today ~ ~ ~
Tomorrow I am starting a series that has been bouncing around in my brain. In Utah, ever year since 1848, a celebration has taken place celebrating the settlers of the Salt Lake Valley. They are considered pioneers for being the first to do something. I have asked different women to share how they are modern day pioneers. I haven't asked them to write about any specific topic. They each have chosen their own. The responses have been varied and lovely. I hope you will join me in celebrating these modern day pioneers!

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Sue said...

What an interesting and informative post! I really enjoyed reading about the Scout Jamboree in Sweden. (All my family is from that country.)