Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hide and Seek

This little Hurricane and I are always playing hide and seek. He is quite darling and happy and independent. When he has his mind set, he is very seldom deterred. He loves to have his picture taken and is always willing to pose for a shot. The following shots are our game of hide and seek and where I usually find him.
He hid in the refrigerator. I looked and found him when I heard the refrigerator beeping. (Blessed beeping.) He was helping himself to a snack.
He hid in the kitchen again. I found him after ending a phone call. He found the powder sugar bucket. He helped himself and shared with his brother. He probably used over 2 cups in his own clothing in addition to what was on the floor, table, and other storage buckets. There was a nice fine coating on the computer too.
He hid in my bed at the call of bed time. I looked in his room, where Daddy was, and by the new train set. He was hiding in my covers. This happens frequently. Last night I found him in my bed with the lotion bottle open. He looked at me and asked, "What's that noise?" The AC unit had just kicked on competing with the 100 degree heat.
I love him dearly and can't seem to keep ahead of him. His curiosity will bring many awesome opportunities. And maybe one day I'll teach him the true game of hide and seek.


Sue said...

What a fun post. And a cute little guy to star in it.


The Best's said...

You do have your hands full it seems! Best of luck staying in the lead of hide and seek!

Cyndy said...

Love it!

Nicole said...

That cute kid! I hope the lotion wasn't spilled out all over the place...