Monday, August 8, 2011

Pioneering Today: Embracing Adventures

My first pioneer is Cyndy. She is a great supporter of her husband and a champion for her children. She embraces life! She hails from Life is a Great Adventure! I have learned from Cyndy about friendship and having a friendship of balance, accepting life's circumstances and making the best out of those circumstances. She's a farm girl and knows about stepping in and getting to work. (Not that non-farm girls don't know about work. It is just shoveling out manure that molds a character in some way.) She has shared with me how she accepts God's plan and how He will direct her path for me. Now to Cyndy

Thank you for inviting me to this series.

Now, onto being a pioneer.

There have been many times in my life when until someone made a comment or pushed me through an unexpected door, I may have sold myself short.  Going to college was never a big goal of mine.  However, my senior year a friend made an interesting statement to me, that made me realize that I had potential. I then received an acceptance letter to a college out East, one that I had not applied to, yet due to an organization I took part in, not only was I accepted, they offered me their Presidential scholarship. While I turned it down, it made me realize that I needed to get serious and stop selling myself short!

While in college I had the opportunity to travel with the orchestra to Russia.  What an amazing and beautiful country!  I believe they do everything bigger in Russia (sorry Texas). After college I went to Mexico on a mission trip, wonderful! And on one to Chicago, moving.

I grew up on a farm, which my parents still live on.  Yet, whenever I have had the chance I have traveled. Short trips, long trips, international trips, mission trips, work trips, fun trips. My husband also lived in the same house growing up, since he was 3 years old.

So now, with twelve years of marriage under our belt, we have lived in seven different homes, in five different states.  We're really not settlers.
Cyndy & Her Sweetheart

My husband joined the military after we were married.  I am not the only military spouse. I am not the only one who has to deal with deployments, or TDY's (shorter trips state side or abroad), or training schools far from where we live.  I am not the only one who never knows just what to expect from my husband's schedule, the long hours, the crazy hours, the unexpected.

There are days that a smile easily comes to my face. There are days that it is hard to get out of bed.  We all have those days.  I cannot count the number of ways I could choose to handle any of these surprises or changes in life.  Life is fantastic at changing things up just when things get a bit settled.

"Pioneers, by their nature, are ready to adapt to whatever may come their way." Pr. Alan Field.

Tomorrow is a new day with new adventures. I may think I know what tomorrow may bring, however, when tomorrow brings its shining face to my window, I am ready to adapt to whatever, however, I may need to.  In that way, I am a pioneer. I embrace the uncertainty, the challenges, and the adventures. One day I may become a settler, a part of me longs for that. Right now, I am okay with being a pioneer, moving on to the next trail that needs to be blazed.

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