Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week In Pictures

Promptly after having our carpets cleaned, Hurricane took a bottle of lotion and poured it all over his legs and arms. He thought it was very funny. The boy has silky smooth skin, and the carpets came up nice and clean.
He decided to show all parts of where the lotion went. He undressed himself which is his new talent.
While talking with my Grandpa Kirkham on Valentine's Day the door bell rang. I opened the box of flowers and on the card it said it was from him. He sent these beautiful roses and a box of chocolates. He laughed with complete delight. It was a laugh I had not heard in quite some time. The flowers have been beautiful all week. The memory will be beautiful forever.
After breakfast, he decided to lick up the food he put onto the table cloth.
Here he is with a sweet innocent smile.
Underfoot smiles with his eyebrow raised. He like his milkshake smoothie for breakfast also.
Underfoot is very into making his toys into families. He lines them up and asks for a family picture.

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Cyndy said...

Oh I feel your lotion! Glad that it came right up for you!