Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shaving Cream

So do you think that these sweet children would every want to play with shaving cream? Do think they would ever want to even get their hands dirty?
Little children need a warm up to the proper application of shaving cream, right? So instead of jumping right into shaving, we did volcanoes instead. They were amazed as each of them poured their vinegar into dyed baking soda cup and watched it explode. With them ready for remarkable change, we went to the procedure to applying shaving cream....with color.
This one didn't want to get his hands dirty at all. But he was finally convinced.
We painted with shaving cream and tempera paint on paper. She liked painting. She got the paint and shaving cream on her pants and sweater and in my hair.
I thought this combination of colors on his hand were lovely. It was just a pretty blend.
A happy boy!
What happens is that you combine powder tempera paint and shaving cream and poof magic happens. The white shaving cream changes colors and creates a beautiful picture. Once the shaving cream dries, it will flake but leaves a very textured picture.

She jumped right in!
He likes orange. Every thing is perfect when it is orange. If you ask what color he wants to wear it is orange. He only has 2 orange shirts. 
He really wants an orange tie for church.

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Sue said...

How fun is that? Any kid would love it! (And so would plenty of adults..)