Thursday, October 29, 2015

Prairie Diamond

When we made it to the blacksmith's shop,
we learned about how a wagon was put together.

When the missionary talked about using linseed oil,
the boys made a face because they knew what linseed oil smelled like.

When we went to the actual shop,
a different mission, named Elder Black, 
made each of us a miniature horseshoe. 

He told the story of a 2 guys who wanted to marry a girl while on a wagon train. The Dad said as soon as one of the boys brought her a diamond ring, that young man could marry the daughter. One young man decided to wait until the next trading post to buy a ring. The other young man went to the blacksmith and asked him to take a horseshoe nail and mold it into a ring. The horseshoe nails were called Prairie Diamonds. Each child picked a ring. 

Underfoot said, "The boy who won the girl used his head."

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