Thursday, October 29, 2015

Old Nauvoo

We explored all of Old Nauvoo throughout the day.
We went from one place to the next until we were hungry.

We went to the house where school was taught.
They talked about how spelling wasn't standardized.
While we were there Hurricane drew a picture of the temple.

One of the shops showed how children carried water to their homes.
Balancing the yoke was harder than the boys thought it would be.

The Post Office was in the same place as the General Store.
Mail could be sent without postage 
and the person on the other end needed to pay for the postage.

The Nauvoo Cultural Hall teaches families and children
what families needed to do when they lived in Nauvoo.
The stations were making soap, baking bread in a fireplace, braiding rugs, 
making ropes, and building barrels.

We saw the bakery, gun shop, tin shop, and print shop.
We went all day and ate a really late lunch.
Miss Sunshine Rae kept up with the boys all day.
She was really tired when the day was coming to a close but she kept going.

Before we left, we stopped by the temple.
There is a statue at the top of Joseph and Hyrum.
For me as I looked at it,
I thought of brotherly love and how much these two boys love each other.

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