Friday, October 30, 2015

Lincoln Presidential Museum

The museum has 3 parts - 
Mrs. Lincoln's Attic (a children's play area), 
before the White House, 
and after the White House.

In the foyer of the museum, 
the Lincoln family is there to take pictures with you.
We all posed with the family.
They were very willing to smile with them.

Mrs. Lincoln's Attic was the best.
There was dress up, games, a doll house, and a coloring center.

Miss Sunshine Rae loved to dress up.
She would model and asked her Mom to dress up with her.

Underfoot thought it would be fun 
to be a Union soldier with a light saber.

I really enjoyed the museum. Lincoln's life was not easy.
He received a lot of criticism and continued to move forward
He united the country through his death which is ironic.

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