Friday, October 30, 2015

Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch was made 50 years ago.
We made it to St. Louis and crossed into Missouri.
Again we couldn't stop to take our picture by the Welcome sign.
We made it to the area and went to the Jefferson National Expansion.
The building houses the ticket office for the Arch.
In addition, we did the Junior Ranger badge for the National Expansion.

Once we got in line for the ride up the Arch,
we got to the top and realized that Hurricane doesn't like heights.
He looked out the window and was ready to go down immediately.
We listened to some say that the elevator pods 
looked the escape pods from Star Wars.

Aunt Katie and her children found the baseball stadium for the Cardinals.
My sister was wearing her Kansas City Royals shirt.
She thought it was funny to wear it in Cardinal country.

While in the Arch, the children finished yet another Junior Ranger badge.
The badge was a commemorative badge because of the 50 year anniversary.
Hurricane chose the commemorative one because his reasoning was 
that he could always come back and get the other one another time.

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