Saturday, September 26, 2015

Superhero Day

Yesterday was Superhero Day!
They woke up and remembered.

Duct tape came to the rescue!
We created together 2 wonderful superhero insignias.

Underfoot's super powers are kindness, observation, and strength.
His name is Lucky. He watches for opportunities to help others.
This was not created by his mother....

Hurricane's super powers are "to be a follower of God."
His words - he told his Dad, brother, and people who asked him.
The "G" stands for Gideon. The scriptures talk about 2 Gideons. 
One is in the Bible, and the other is in the Book of Mormon.
Each of these men were willing to be obedient to the commandments
and give ideas to protect their people. God blessed them.
They were normal people like you, me, and Hurricane.

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