Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Swim Preliminaries

We swam all season.
We debated if we would swim in the Preliminaries.
After the Muppet Meet
the boys decided they didn't since the day was so hot.

Backstroke 41st Place 50:72 Seconds
Freestyle 42nd Place 43:61 Seconds 

They decided they wanted to swim.
We thought we would go to pack meeting.
Pack meeting was a swim party.
The boys decided they wanted to participate in the swim meet.

Last Swim of the Day
Backstroke 29th Place 35:52 Seconds
Breaststroke 16th Place 39:35 Seconds
Freestyle 39th Place 37:42 Seconds
Freestyle Relay 2:8:16 Minutes:Seconds

We celebrated by going to the Cheesecake Factory.
They learned that Macaroni and Cheese isn't always good.
They've decided to try other food.
We even took Sweetheart a slice at work.

Hurricane Backstroke

Underfoot Breaststroke

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