Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kindergarten Promotion

Hurricane has finished kindergarten.
He has had a sorted year.
There are some days he loved going to school,
and others that weren't so awesome.

When his teacher announced his career aspiriations,
he announced ninja.
Underfoot announced ninja as well.

The classes sang a song.

He got a front row seat.
He sang with enthusiasm.
Underfoot left class and took pictures for us.

Mrs. Pedrique and Hurricane spend their days together.
She learned his personality that he is a tough guy on top
and very sensitive underneath the skin. 

Sweetheart came for the day
before he rushed off to work.
We came home and looked through our pictures.
He and I recognized that there wasn't one of us.
So we took some.
He opened his goodie bag and was given a game.
We played it together.

We also had a goofy shot of each other.

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