Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kinder Grad

Underfoot was promoted to the 1st grade. 

Principal G and Underfoot
 The elementary school held a graduation
 with each child's name being announced 
along with their hoped for future profession. 

 Hurricane thinks his tongue should be out in most pictures.
Underfoot had mentioned his future profession to us 
before it was announced, 
and we smiled and thought great.

Mrs. T, kindergarten teacher, and Underfoot
 Little did we know that
the teacher would say, 
"GJ wants to be a mechanical engineer, 
JL wants to be a mechanical engineer, 
Underfoot wants to be a ninja
MM wants to be a chemical engineer." 

Underfoot and Miss T, classroom helper
He explained later that a ninja is like a spy who does only good things.

I walked out of the school thinking, 
"oh boy, a ninja," 
and I turned to a friend and said, 
"He reminded us all that he is 6 
and it's awesome to be 6."

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Kris said...

This world could definitely use some more good ninjas! :)