Monday, April 20, 2015

WWII Airplanes

A World War II exhibit came to town. 
Sweetheart loves the planes.
The planes are flown to different cities.
Hurricane wasn't thrilled to have his picture taken
because he wanted to be taking the picture.

This was a common site that day.
"Okay. Everyone get together.
1, 2, 3. Great job!"

He is a pretty good photographer.

Both of the boys liked to ride in the truck.
This was their 2nd ride.
They asked the driver if they could ride in the cab.

The motorcycle was ordered out of Russia.
The model is based off of a WWII bike.
The owner didn't get to choose the color and bought it sight unseen.

One plane was open for tours. We crawled through
to see the cockpit, communications area, and bomb area.

Hurricane thought it would be great to be the communicator.

This smile is the happiest he is.
He loves to do things he loves and to be with his family.

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