Tuesday, April 21, 2015

County Fair

We attended the fair.
The balloon guy gave the boys the balloons
that they gave to us.

While at the fair, the boys made jump ropes at the heritage center.
We have a certain path we take each year.
Heritage center, old car section, bathroom break....
Followed by a discussion if we should go see the animals or not.
The boys and I divide ways as they go to see the model trains and the model airplanes.
I go to see the 4-H projects, handiwork, art work, and photography.

We meet up after I've seen what I want to see.
We get something to eat and walk by the midway to ride no rides.
I like to walk through the vender booths to see the overpriced but fascinating stuff.
Then we try to convince the boys to eat ice cream at home instead at the fair.

Fair is always a success!

Past Fair

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