Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Talent Show

We held our first family talent show.
As Sweetheart and I planned this, 
we weren't sure if the family would participate.
We interwove with it a white elephant exchange
so it would stay fun.

We were grateful that many participated!
We enjoyed seeing the talents our family members have.
Uncle A shared a poem.

CF shared a poem as well.

 Bug and Beck did a comedy routine.

Gito shared a poem from a Scottish author.
He quoted the poem in a Scottish accent.

We turned off the lights.
Stickmen came and danced for the family.
This was from T-Bone and Auntie M's family.

Hurricane has the talent to blow up little water balloons.

Underfoot shared Princes and Kings.
Grandpa Kirkham challenged all his children to learn
this poem to help them in their life.

Noodles and Sweetheart remembered a newspaper quote
that was posted in their car.
They argued over what it really said.
It was a translation from Japanese to English.
"When a passenger of the foot heave in sight, tootle the horn. 
Trumpet at him melodiously at first, 
but if he still obstacles your passage, 
 then tootle him with vigor."

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