Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Pictures

Family pictures are really important to me.
Ten years ago the family took pictures in white shirts and jeans.


 Mom and Dad

  Friend, Bessa, Mimi, Bug, Beck, and Handsome Ben
missing J-Bob

Jer-bear, CF, Pyper, Sparky

 Mama Jane and Gito
missing Alybaba and Moo

 Mr. Fix-It, Goldilocks, T-Bone, Auntie M, Mr. Nature, The Writer

Tenderheart, Linc, Noodles, The Brain, Angel, Uncle A, Dancer

Mama, Hurricane, Sweetheart, Underfoot

Uncle A

 All the Grandchildren

missing J-Bob

missing Alybaba and Moo

 Beck, Mama Jane,CF

 Uncle A, Beck, CF, Sweetheart - 2014

  Uncle A, Beck, CF, Sweetheart - 2004

Noodles, Mama Jane, Auntie M - 2014

Mama Jane, Noodles, Auntie M - 2004

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