Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Great Airplane Contest

The Great Paper Airplane Project was the destination this past weekend! 
Sweetheart learned about a paper airplane throwing contest 
for children ages 6-18 
from a co-worker held at the Air and Space Museum. 
Since Underfoot is of age, Sweetheart thought it would be great.

The contestant entrant was allowed to bring 
4 family members, have lunch (hot dogs, chips, and lemonade) 
with their family, get a t-shirt, and throw an airplane for free - no entry fee. 

 Underfoot threw his airplane and was done.

 He is talking about doing it again next year. 
Hurricane and Underfoot learned to fold airplanes. 
If any piece of paper is left unclaimed it becomes an airplane. 
Sweetheart loves airplanes. Our boys like airplanes. 
An airplane is awesome if it is taking me somewhere. 

 Mars International was one of the sponsors and brought 
a candy spinning wheel, a race car simulator, and a real race car. 
They boys loved the candy spinning wheel 
because they got 6 different types of candy each time they spun the wheel. 
So much easier than Halloween - 
no dressing up and no purchase necessary for Mom and Dad. 
Hurricane asked if the race car ran on M&M gas.

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Sue said...

How fun is that?