Monday, December 16, 2013

The Banishment and the Nativity

Hurricane was picked as Joseph.
He wasn't thrilled to be picked and to play the role.
Wearing the costume wasn't high on the list.
We made a deal: he could have ice cream if he wore the costume.
He followed through with wearing the costume and singing all the songs.
Hurricane and Mr. K-man (a wise man) were excited to see each other 
because they were on banishment.
They love to scheme. They scheme on how to trick their Moms into letting them play. 
Sometimes the plans are whispered as we walk home 
from dropping siblings off at school or sometimes they just bolt and go to other's house. 
This last week with complete permission they played. 
When the time came for Mr K-man to go home, 
I walked outside to one boy sitting on our wall 
with the other boy attempting to climb it. 
I asked them what they were doing. 
Hurricane was sitting so placidly on the wall responded, 
"Throwing eggs at the neighbor's house. We wanted to see where the eggs landed." 
Between the 2 Moms, a 4 day time out was implemented. 
Underfoot named it the banishment. 
They had to write apology notes to the neighbor 
(who by the way found no egg any where in the yard) 
and not play together for 4 days. 
Each day the question was how many days left. 
They've been told not to climb the wall, gather eggs, or throw them.

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Cyndy said...

I didn't see any of these updates until tonight! ugh! The last one I was seeing was the bedtime update...and I I the only one?

I have loved catching up though, thanks for sharing!