Sunday, January 19, 2014


Yesterday we pruned our little orchard and vineyard. 
The work was exhausting. The boys carried limbs to the chipper and played. 
They so wanted to cut the trees. We tried to work together 
but listening to specific directions didn't work out so well.
Many times we mentioned how Grandpa Kirky has an orchard and loves to prune the trees. 
I told the boys my job was to pull the limbs too 
and when they grow up they can prune their own orchard. 
We are sore today from the squatting, lifted arms, and scratches on our arms. 
Next year we will all wear long sleeve shirts. 

Pruning makes such a difference to fruit output and makes the tree more beautiful.
Again we were reminded of a lesson of how God prunes us 
by giving us trials to help us be our best. 
The part I think I forget is that it takes work - 
a lot of work to be the best we need to be.

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