Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grandma's Quilt

Sweetheart's Grandma or great- Grandma made this quilt.
She made another with pink for the fan handles and the edges.
The fabrics are beautiful, colorful, and fun.
The hand stitching is meticulous, hand stitched, and small even stitches.
When I was learning how to hand quilt, 
small even stitches are prized.

I love old things - quilts, pictures, tried and true recipes.
The generational link makes me wonder 
who and what the different fabrics were used for 
and hope that they delighted the recipient.

Sweetheart's sisters have recently discussed their ancestors with us.
I love Gamma Rae's quilt that covers my bed. 
I love Grandma Kirkham's baby blessing dress that hangs on my wall.
These old things remind me of the love and lives of my Grandmas.

I felt that Sweetheart's sisters needed to have the quilts from their Grandma. 
The quilts are now theirs.
I wanted a picture reminder of how beautiful the quilts are
with their craftsman shipment and the love that made them.

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