Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Super Special Sunday

Growing up General Conference was SUPER SPECIAL!
My parents didn't have their normal Sunday duties for our local ward.
We would go and do.

Each year the men 12 years old and older have a meeting on Saturday evening.
During priesthood meeting, the women and children had a special evening too.
We would make treats for the men to report what they learned.
One year we were in Jackson Hole and the men went to the chapel,
and we windowed shopped.

One year when I was in college, 
Auntie Lyn, her daughters, Gamma Rae and I went out to dinner.
This year we spent General Conference with Grandpa Hoggan
During priesthood, Sweetheart went to dinner with Grandpa Hoggan, Uncle Eric, and sons.
The boys and I spent the evening with my cousins, their children, and Aunite Lyn.
The boys made spiders. We sure enjoyed being together.

Where we were,
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