Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Run

The PTA sponsors a Spooky Run for a fundraiser.
I want to promote healthy lifestyle and supporting the school is a good way to do it.

Last year, Sweetheart ran with us.
He went to a water reclamation class this year.
So one of our babysitters ran with us.

The boys wanted a costume.
Ten minutes before the event I cut up 2 of Daddy's work shirts.
The cuts were made into capes.
Even though Edna Moles says, "No capes!",
the capes helped me keep an eye on where the boys were.
Underfoot ran 9/10 of the 5K race.
Hurricane ran and rode in the stroller.
We did it in a remarkable 46.35 time. 

This is also the 500th post.
That's amazing as well.

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