Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oregon Trail Center

My parents wanted to spend time 
with their children and grandchildren before they left. 
They went and visited my sister and her family
then they came to visit us.
They wanted my to spend time with my brother and his family.

 My brother was gracious to let us join them for their special time 
with my parents.
We started the adventure at the Oregon California Trail Center in Montpelier.
The museum has a living history tour with actors dressed in period clothing
describing the conditions and means of families going West.
We learned that every family was required to have a rifle.
The cost of a rifle was about 3 months wages. 
Some women sold their china but most took the china with them.
I would have taken my china.

Stepping on to a replicated wagon transported us 
from East of the Mississippi to a camp somewhere in the West.
While on the ride, we listened to diary entries of people who traveled West.

Kirky and Jilli completed a BSA camp inspection just before they came to meet us.
They have been on a team to inspect camps.  This was their last one before they left.
Grandpa Hoggan has joined them for this opportunity.

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