Thursday, June 20, 2013

Minnetonka Cave

Kirky had always wanted to visit Minnetonka Cave.
we headed down the road and up the mountain to the cave.
This is our group. 
We descended down many stairs. 
Because we are going into the mountain,
the temperature drops and stays constant.

At one point in the tour,
the lights are turned off.
We had brought grow-in-the-dark sticks.
Once the lights were out,
Hurricane said,
"I can definitely see in the dark."

The formation behind these 3 is called
The Three Sisters.
My brother has 3 girls, and the twins posed for the picture.
Underfoot shares a birthday with them.

We took a family shot!
The boys did amazing on climbing up and down the stairs.
As the guide would share different things,
they would add their knowledge about bats and water.

These two girls are twins.
One week previous on different days (or there abouts....) 
they both broke the same arm in approximately the same place.
One got a hard cast. She broke hers on a trampoline.
One got a soft cast. She broke hers doing flips on the lawn.
They constantly amaze us.

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