Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Favorite Things

After the race, we had admittance to
the movie studios where the race was ran.
Classics such as McClintock were filmed there.
We are fans of McClintock.

We rode the train.
Hurricane's favorite is trains.
He wants to ride 100 this year.
Not sure that we'll make it but we'll try.

Hurricane would not get off the cars. He drove 
and drove 
and drove 
and drove. 
When we finally carried him away, he was crying. 
He got the driving desire genetically.
Another favorite.

Grandmother loved carousel horses.
She even had one in her house.
Carousel horses were her favorite.

I rode next to Hurricane.
His favorite animal is a horse.

When we left in the evening,
Daddy had to carry boys. 
His boys are his favorite.
They were ALL exhausted.
Especially with 80 degrees in March.

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