Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dirty Racing

I have some amazing sister-friends.
Each one of these ladies has a special place in my heart.
They are hard working mothers.
Other friends did the race as well who are sister-friends.
They ran in a different wave time.
Marilee, Kris, Me, Andrea
Kris emailed all of us and asked if we'd do a mud run with her.
The race was girls only.

As we prepared to run, 
Kris jumped to show us how the logo is suppose to be.

We climbed mountains.
A vista waits each of us at the tops of moutains.
The journey continues after climbing the mountain though.

Then Underfoot took the mountain on.
And he conquered!

We scaled obstacles.
All of us face obstacles each day.
Some are physical.
Other trials are emotional, mental, or even spiritual.

Our knees hit the ground.
Every day I hit my knees and plead for heavens help.

Our personal photographer beat us to this station.
The boys accomplished the task with glee.
Some times our children lead us through difficult challenges.

We came through later.
None of us tripped.
We came through at our own pace.
In life, we each have our own pace.
It isn't a competition between any of us.
We are not behind or ahead of anyone else.

The finish ended us in a pool of water.
We splashed down and how fun!
At night when I go to bed,
I hope that we as a family have
met the goals of the day
and had fun!

We are a little dirty.
We are a lot wiser.
A few bumps and bruises along the way.
The race was worth it.


Sue said...

Looks like a fun course and a great team!


Kris said...

I'm glad it was worth it. I had so much fun & am definitely up for doing it again next year!

Cyndy said...

I fell coming down that first mt too, only not nearly as graceful as yours appears!