Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Pie Report

The Pie Report.....
German Chocolate Pie
Instead of a book report or some other boring report 
I thought I should bring you pie.

Double Layer Pumpkin (I think)
Last November 17, 2012 
our annual pie party was held.

Here we are just as the party begins.

We had some surprises like.....

 My first roommate drove down with her family from Phoenix area. 
She is amazing!

Here is her Hubby and 2 of her sons with Sweetheart.

This is Miss J. She amazes me every time I'm with her!
She teaches music in Primary!

I asked a friend to come and take pictures of the action. 
She captured some of the greatest moments.
I love the flying hair!

Miss K with her sweet Babe.

"Mom - Let me G-O!"

Climbing on the new play set....

This is a great shot! 
She caught the sword and young man in action!

He is a sweet boy!

He brought his own scooter to go as fast as he could.

She is racing on the speedway (or the race track.)

My happy man

We had such a great time! It is a tradition that we love!


Bryce said...

Good photos - especially like that family from Phoenix that came down! :) Thanks for having us - had a great time.

Lindsay Bryner said...

We love it too!! Miss you guys :)

Sue said...

I love your pie party. I think you had just had one when I first found your blog...