Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To Ride A Train....

Sweetheart wanted to take his boys on a train. One night before Thanksgiving, he got the computer and made all the arrangements. It was to be a SURPRISE, and it was.

We drove to the depot and looked at trains while Hurricane said over and over again, "I want to ride on a REAL train." And he did with his brother.

We took The Polar Express.

Each person was given a bell from Santa's sleigh. The boys took ours so they had one for each hand.

Sweetheart wanted to make a memory. The boys could not have been more thrilled.


Cyndy said...

:) LOVE it! Can't wait for our memory making train ride!

Rachel said...

Trains are wonderful... now having worked on the North Pole Express this Holiday season I can honestly say it is one of the best traditions for a family to do to enjoy the Christmas spirit and time together. I am sure the scenery to the Grand Canyon was also stunning!