Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Parkway Path Hike

I was going to participate in a 1/2 marathon 
and wanted to see the course 
before I was there on Saturday.

We invited a friend to come with us.
When we dropped him off later,
his Mom found out that he had a 100 plus fever.
We didn't know except that he was acting tired.
He never said anything.
Underfoot was happy and encouraging to all of us.

Hurricane wanted to speed ahead.
That day we started to learn the lesson about 
trail etiquette.
The trail is for bikers, runners, walkers, and leashed animals.
Most people were very gracious 
with little boys trying to find the right place to be.

Since I've been sick,
I did not train perfectly for the 1/2 marathon.
The organizer was doing it for her 40th birthday.
She let me ride my bike for part of it and run part of it.
It was a good warm up for doing a real 1/2 marathon.


Cyndy said...

So fun! I want to know where this trail is please.

Sue said...

It's cool for the boys to see you doing active things. You are a good example!