Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Bat Cave

In our county, there are national, state, county, and city parks.
Only the city parks are free for use.
Unless you are using a ramada
then there is a charge.
Frank's Living Room
We went to one of our county parks that has a cave.
As we went on the tour, the boys kept asking where the bats were.
We climbed up and down paths created by the 
from the New Deal from 1933-1943.

The weather was rainy, 
and we glad to have a place to hike even in the rain.

Here is a view inside the cave where the formation
have grown together.
Underfoot was being silly.
He has found lately that sticking his tongue out in 
picture proves to be funny.

Hurricane was a little more tranquil that normal.
Most likely because behind the rock is a 40 foot drop.
He didn't want to get any where near the edge.

Underfoot shows me how strong he is.
I want him to be as strong as he is in this picture!


Jilli said...

You do such a good job.

Kris said...

We loved it when we visited that park. Hard to believe it took us 9 years to get there! Frank loved being in "his" room- what a goofball. :)

Sue said...

Great family photos!