Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eating for Recovery

The boys weren't much better once we got home from our travels.
As we unpacked, we found Cup o' Soup. 

I love these because we had them on vacation when I was a child.
My favorite time was in South Dakota 
because we were snowed in at a hotel.

The Cup o' Soups were also in the my Grandpa's stash at his house.
I taught Hurricane how to twist the noodles around his fork.
He missed his mouth and got them all over himself.
The boys got better and shared back the cold I gave to them.
We hung out for a few days in bed.
Sweetheart took this picture.
(He had to have taken the picture since I'm cuddled up in the bed.)

Hurricane likes his picture taken and to draw pictures.
This is a shark.
The shark attacked something.
He wanted a picture taken of him and his picture.


Jilli said...

Happy Family!

Sue said...

Glad everyone is on the mend!