Friday, December 28, 2012

When my tonsils came out....

December is mostly a blur. 
Halfway through I got my tonsils taken out. 
They weren't removed for snoring by the way.

I am now going to play catch up with some pictures. 
I took none of them and am grateful someone documented with pictures.

Aunt Mimi came to take care of my boys and me. 
She did an amazing job and is welcome to come any time!
She can even come and play!

Eegee's is a local sandwich shop that specializes in a special frozen fruit drink. 
The alien is Hurricane with the Eegee's cooler tub on his head. 
The eye holes were cut for different head sizes.

Underfoot made gingerbread house in school. 
Family was invited to come and participate in the festivities. 
Sweetheart's sister, Auntie M, and daughter, Miss C, came and joined them in class. 

They had A LOT of fun!

Auntie M and Miss C came to our house later and hung out. 
We really enjoyed their visit and the grilled cheese sandwiches Auntie M made. 
After not eating for a few days, the grilled cheese slid right down.

Underfoot had his FIRST school performance. 
The school does a live internet feed link. 
The live link is for family not the area like grandparents, aunties/uncles, and military parents.
I watched the performance from bed. 
He was darling and sang all the songs. 
Sister Suzy and her baby, Sunshine, watched from their home in the Midwest.

Underfoot, Little Man, and Sweetness posed with their principal. 
Little Man and Sweetness are the neighbors who we walk to school with every day.

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Sue said...

I've heard it's really hard to get your tonsils out as an adult, so I'm glad it's behind you!

Also glad that you had such good support.