Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Family Time

Here are some of the memories we made just before Christmas...

We attended the piano recital of our niece, Dark Hair.
She did a marvelous job!
My Dad, Liv, and Big D sat together.
Liv loves to sit on your lap.
Big D is a WONDERFUL big brother!
I love the look on my Dad's face.

Underfoot wasn't use to the cold and sucked on his upper lip.
He also got a hair cut the next day.
He requested to not have his hair cut until Christmas.
He asked just before Halloween.

After the recital, we had supper at the Car Museum.
Liv loved to watch out for our boys.

Big D and Dark Hair play the slot machine.
The machine does not have a jackpot. 
I played it as a little child as well.
It is a nickel slot.
There is a bowl of nickels there to play.

Sweetheart is taking a video of all the action.
Hurricane was being his age and tired of the big kids taking over.

My Mom getting warm next to the stove.

On Christmas Eve, we ate breakfast with our Great-Grandpa.
He drove up from Salt Lake to speak at the prison with my Mom.
He ate breakfast with all of us.

My AWESOME brother is always positive.
One way or the other he is positive.
He supports everyone.
His wife loves and supports him.
He is a great Dad and loves his children!

Dark Hair and our soon-to-be Auntie talk over breakfast.
Dark Hair learned some soccer skills from Sweetness this last year
because she was on the Big Sky Championship team.
She has also won the heart of my other brother
who wouldn't stay still for the camera.

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