Monday, May 14, 2012

Phone time & Prayer

Lately, I've been silent. And I'm not sure if I'm ready to return to this space.


It's time to share again. About family. About love. About our current lesson.

We try to talk with Grandparents often. Hurricane is on the phone to his namesake. He is listening intently on what is being said so he can return with his typical response about tractors and trains. He loves tractors and trains like his Grandpas. 

I like how the look on his face has soften. He started to really listen.

He talked for a while and then was done.

As I took these pictures, I was hoping to share them with his Grandpa who he was talking with. He will ask how the tractors are running and when it is his turn to drive them. (This is my child that pulled the car out of gear and if I don't watch my car keys carefully will start the car on his own.)

At times, I just talk in prayer and listen for the cues that I want to hear back instead of what I really need to hear and feel. And those few times that I soften and really listen I know that God hears me talk and answers to my heart that I will be okay even if it isn't in the way I want. I'm learning that lesson over and over again.


Kris said...

What a great post! Sometimes it's just so hard to listen, especially if we aren't getting the answers or direction that we want. I guess that's the point, right? We don't get to choose our own answers, just how we deal with them.

Love ya!

Cyndy said...

Sometimes, I find it hard to find the words to say, to pray....and at those times, I like to offer God the alphabet.

Dear God, I can't form the words right now, but here are the letters for you to form them for me.....A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.....

It also is a great way when days are busy and chaotic, and singing with the kids, when we get to the alphabet song, I send a quick, God, here's my prayer right now.

Actually, I end up singing most of my prayers it seems at times, especially the hard ones.

Hugs to you.

Sue said...

It's true. In that second picture you can really see him start to listen.

Great analogy!