Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snapshot: Early April

We tried a few new things this year.

1. Potatoes

Digging Out Our Potato Harvest

Fresh Red Potatoes are sweet and yummy!

2. Mesa Temple Easter Pageant
Underfoot with his Princess Cousin
Our Family Picture
Happy Brothers

3. Easter Egg Hunt

Our friends fill around 600 eggs. Hurricane was thrilled.

4. Swim Shirts
They got their swim suits on and asked for a picture how darling they are!


Sue said...

I'll be those new potatoes are even better home-grown! Looks like you guys grew a good crop.


Michelle said...

I am trying potatoes for the first time this year - only I'm growing them in towers... We'll see how it goes! Always glad to hear you and yours are doing well.

Cyndy said...

yay!! for trying new things!

Lindsay Bryner said...

Such the gardeners! Good work.